My Journey Home

My Journey HomeMy Journey Home

“It’s always after we’ve lost every thing that we are free to do anything.”

After the loss of my home, what I thought would be my forever home, I didn’t think I would ever have a “home” again.  I had to move from, a small cottage on a creek with a quarter of an acre of flowerbeds, that I had landscaped myself, into an apartment.  Apartment living was something that this country girl couldn’t even fathom, and yet there I was.  I believed that apartment living wasn’t conducive to creating a home, and so every time I moved I told myself this is good enough, something better will come along, I just need the space to function.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

One day I sat down to write my motto about family and home, for the “About Me” page of my new blog, The Peach Engine, WOW what an eye opener!  We all have principles and values that we live by, some of them engrained in us, by our parents and/or other adults, as were growing up and some that we have chosen yourselves. These beliefs become so second nature that we don’t often think about them, even through they guide decisions we make in our daily lives.  As I sat there that day, and committed to paper this motto of mine, something very profound and powerful happened.  I realized, I was not walking my talk, I was not living my motto. The beliefs about what type of dwelling is or is not conducive to creating a home, which had been ingrained in me since childhood, were preventing me from seeing the possibilities.

I am giving myself permission to invest time, energy, and money into creating a home in this dwelling!

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