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5 Awesome balconies!

5 Beautiful Balconies! Hello everybody,welcome back.  The weather in my neck of the woods has been WONDERFUL the past few days!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great first half of the week. All this warm weather got me to thinking about summer, longer days, warm nights, taking the pups to the… Continue reading 5 Awesome balconies!


Sheet music Valentine votive

  Supplies you’ll need for this project: Votive cup A piece of old sheet music or other decorative paper A paper cutter Glue stick Decorative string or ribbon Some type of filler for the candle cup.  I used white sand A candle, and A heart shaped paper punch   Directions for this project:    Measure… Continue reading Sheet music Valentine votive

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A Valentine Vignette

A Valentine Vignette Hello friends, welcome back I’m so glad you stopped by.  Over all our holiday celebrations were joyful. We did, however have a couple of rough days.  It seems our biggest “trouble makers” Brody was bit by a spider of some sort, he was very, very ill, and temporarily lost the use of… Continue reading A Valentine Vignette


Tic toc I made a clock and so can you!

Supplies you’ll need for this project: Some type of old boards, old fence boards or pallet boards would work.  2- smaller boards to connect the boards together. Nail gun and regular nails Hammer Stencil Paint Rope Ribbon   Directions for this project: Clean the boards of all debris, removing any nails. Decide what order you… Continue reading Tic toc I made a clock and so can you!

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Sweet little Welcome Sign

Supplies you’ll need for this project: Between 5 and 7 slats depending on how big you’d like your sign Staple gun short nails rope or some other material used to hang the sign Stencils Paint, Thumb tack Old bottle Twine Embellishments for the bottle and the sign hot glue gun Old key or other type… Continue reading Sweet little Welcome Sign