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2 old fence boards & 2 old bed springs

Just the sconces

Hi ya’ll, welcome back, I’m so glad you stopped by.  The weather last week in Portland, Oregon was amazing!

And one of the things I love about warmer weather is being outside. Even though we don’t have a yard we do have a small balcony which is the perfect place to go after a long days work and unwind.

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Our balcony is going require some sprucing up before there can be any unwinding.  To start with I had to do something with some old fence boards I had acquired.  They wouldn’t fit in the storage closet on the balcony. Quite honestly I am afraid to open the door for fear that everything will come spilling out like an avalanche!  So whats a girl to do?  Why roll up your sleeves and get creative, of course!

One sconse

Measure, Cut, Sand

The top of each of the fence posts have dog-ears, which is a nice touch.  First I decided how long I wanted them to be and then made the cuts with the chop saw.  Next I sanded them down a bit making sure they were splinter free but not so much that it took away from the character of the wood.


Using some left over paint I stenciled one half of the pattern onto each of the boards.  To do this I laid the boards on my work surface, and laid the stencil down on top of the two board and used some painters tape to hold it in place.  Dip your stenciling brush in paint, lightly dab the brush on a napkin to remove excess paint and then begin dabbing the paint onto the boards.  Remember when stenciling less paint is better!  Let dry

Attach the Springs to the Board

After deciding on the placement of the springs I drilled two small holes, one at each end of the spring.  From the back of the board I pushed the wire through the hole, wrapped it around the bed spring and then pushed it back through the hole.  Using a pair of pliers I twisted the wires tightly to hold the spring in place, and then added small terracotta pots with flowers.


What do you think? These could be used inside, but I can’t wait to finish cleaning up our balcony so I can find a place to hang these little lovelies!


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