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Spring is Poppin’ and we’re celebrating with a give away!


Spring is Poppin’ and we’re celebrating with a give away!!!


Mayday Basket

Hi ya’ll welcome back, I’m so glad you stopped by!  Spring has sprung and signs of new life are coming up every where! The trees are blossoming, bushes are busting with color, and flowers are popping up everywhere.

Speaking of flowers, did you ever make May day baskets when you were growing up?  We use to make baskets out of decorated construction paper rolled into a cone with a strip of paper stapled to each side for the handle.  After filling them with flowers we would hang them on our neighbors door knob.  Sometimes we would ring the doorbell and then run and hide, other times we would just leave them on the door knob satisfied in knowing that when they were discovered it would be a pleasant surprise.  It is those cherished childhood memories that inspired today’s project and one lucky person will win their very own May day basket!


Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Chicken Wire

You’ll need some chicken wire.  I purchased this piece at Craft Warehouse.  Assorted flowers, I included some trailing greenery, and some moss.

Wire Cone

To make the cone I simply grabbed two corners opposite each other, pulled them together and then bent the wires, which are open on one side through the openings on the other side and pinched them closed.  I then filled the cone with moss leaving the center portion open enough to place the flowers in.  Viola a grow up version of a May day.  What a great way to greet your guest.

Mayday Basket

Here’s how the give away works!

Every like are worth 1 point, comments are worth 3 points, and share are worth 5 points, this includes facebook,twitter, and instagram!  Starting today and ending at 5 o’clock on on April 12th.

Until next time get to crafting!!

P.S.  I got this fun game idea from my friend Brittainie over athttps://www.youniqueproducts.com/BrittainieHend…  You should check out her web site she has some amazing beauty products!





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