Easter Decor

Nesting Bunny

SuppliesHello friends, welcome back!  I can’t believe that Easter is just five short days away, which also means that my vacation is just five short days away from ending (insert sad face here).

I wanted to share one last Easter decor project with you and I think you’ll agree it turned out adorable!

Lets hop to it, shall we?

But first I would greatly appreciate it if you hopped on over and shared this with all you crafty family and friends.


I had this lovely old picture frame stand that I found at an antique store.  A glass globe terrarium, some moss, colored twine, scrapbook paper from the craft store and of course, the star of the show, this adorable little bunny.

Preparing the frame

These frames are made to spin around, so the first thing I did was nail the frame to the base with a small nail on the inside bottom of the picture frame to keep it from spinning.  I then screwed a cup hook to the inside top of the frame, and hung the glass globe to the cup hook. I placed a little bed of moss inside the globe and nestled the bunny on top of that.


The Banner

To make the banner I found a free printable pattern on line and printed it off.  After cutting out the template I laid it on the back side of my scrapbook paper and traced and cut out 11 pieces.

Banner Pieces

Putting it together

Next IMeasured out the length of twine I needed. This was based on the size of my frame and how much swag I wanted my banner to have.  I then laid a piece of foam core (cardboard would also work) on my work surface and pinned each end of the twine to the foam core so it wasn’t so wiggly.

Pinned Twine


Before securing the banner pieces to the twine I folded and creased each one, this gave me chance to make sure all the pieces matched up, if they didn’t I just snipped off the extra.  Then I laid the pieces out so that the crease was directly underneath the twine and spaced the way I wanted them. I Dabbed a small amount of glue in the center of one half and folded it over.


fold over and glue


Attach the banner to the front of the frame

Next I used a small amount of hot glue to attach each end of the banner to the corners of the picture frame.  I used silver thumb tacks to attache these cute twine flowers to the corners of the frame to hide the ends of the twine and give it a little pizazz!







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