Key to my Heart

Key to my HeartSupplies you’ll need for this project:

  1. A picture frame with a little depth to it
  2. A piece of burlap large enough to cover the inside of the frame
  3. 22 guage steel wire long enough to bend into a heart shape the size needed to fit the inside of the frame.
  4. Ribbon approximately 3 yrds
  5. Skeleton key
  6. Scissors
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. Spray paint it the picture frame isn’t already the color you want it to be.


Directions for this project:

If your picture frame is not the color you want it, paint it and then set it aside to dry.

Remove the glass from the picture frame clean it and then set it aside.

Cover the backing (the piece that holds your picture and matting in place) with burlap.

Using the sewing machine fold the ribbon in half and stitch it together.

Next, slide the wire into the ribbon tubing and twist the two ends together and then bend it into the shape of a heart.

Attach the skeleton key and the heart to the burlap back with a hot glue gun.

Return the glass to the frame close up the back and Viola!

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