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5 Awesome balconies!

5 Beautiful Balconies!

Hello everybody,welcome back.  The weather in my neck of the woods has been WONDERFUL the past few days!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great first half of the week.

All this warm weather got me to thinking about summer, longer days, warm nights, taking the pups to the river and our balcony!  Yep our balcony/ workshop/paint both.  We use it for everything except relaxing and enjoying the weather.  And it is yet another one of those places that I’ve done just enough to get by with.

I’ve decided I want a beautiful and inviting outdoor space to relax in this summer, so I went browsing on the internet to find some inspiration.  Boy did that get my head spinnin’.

Here are just a few spaces that grabbed my attentions.


This space @ http://www.stylenob.com/ makes me long for those warm summer nights.  I can so picture myself using this space!


At http://digs.com/ they created a wonderful place for an afternoon nap adding bambo fencing around the rail gives this little retreat lots of privacy.


I think this space would be great for entertaining a few of your closest friends http://homesthetics.net/


http://www.topinspired.com/ shared this sunny little jewel full of greenery.


And last but not least is this adorable little cottage balcony at http://www.avso.org/.  Not very grown up but it would sure be fun to spend time with the grandchildren on a balcony like this!

If your looking for some inspiration these sites had a ton of wonderful ideas!



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