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A Valentine Vignette

A Valentine Vignette

Hello friends, welcome back I’m so glad you stopped by.  Over all our holiday celebrations were joyful.

We did, however have a couple of rough days.  It seems our biggest “trouble makers” Brody was bit by a spider of some sort, he was very, very ill, and temporarily lost the use of his leg.  We are extremely happy that he is completely recovered and  I see many more trips to the river in our future!


If you missed my last two posts and your a fun of the shabby chic look, you’ll want to check out these two posts http://wp.me/p5HnjB-N4 and http://wp.me/p5HnjB-LY.


Forever & Always

Today I have two simple and sweet Valentine Day projects. They would make a nice gift or bring charm to any room in your home!



Valentine Vignette

The first is this funky little “forever & always” sign.  I love the juxtaposition of the traditional, some what elegant rosebud frame and the trendy, glittery, chevron striped back ground, with the bold letters.  Who doesn’t like a little glitter, right?  This idea certainly isn’t limited to Valentines day, you could make a framed sign like this one for just about any occasion and they make great little gifts!

You’ll find the directions @ http://wp.me/p5HnjB-Ou.  The craft stores carry decals of many different sayings and more scrapbook paper than you can image, your sure to find something for any occasion.


Sheet Music Votive Cups


Close up of votive


Wrapped in sheet music, with a heart shaped window, these little votives are just as sweet as can be, and sooo simple to make!  You’ll find all the directions right here @ http://wp.me/p5HnjB-P0.


Before you head over to the directions, please consider sharing this post with your family and friends , like my post, follow me on social media, or leave a comment. I truly want to hear what people are thinking.


Until next time, go and get your creative on!






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