Mini Make Overs

Candle holder to jewelry holder


If you’re searching for a creative way to store your jewelry there is no shortage of ideas.  Pinterest has tons of them, and I have pinned some of my favorite to my “Jewelry Storage Ideas board” along with my personal creative solution.  So hop on over to Pinterest and check it out.

Jewelry holder all painted

I was going through some things getting a box ready for Goodwill and I came across the candelabrum.  I have been holding onto it for several years and I like it, but I never seem to find a place that it really fits.  I was mulling it over in my head giving it one last look and I realized that a the swirls would be great to hang jewelry!Primer

It was originally brown so I sprayed it with some Rust-O-leum Primer and then with a top coat of Rust-O-leum Navy, the same color I used as the accent color in my bathroom.

Jewelry holder all painted

I replaced six out of eight candle cups.  The cups are great for rings and other little trinkets, and hanging earrings from the holders without the cups allows for easy access.  Then I hung my necklaces and bracelets on the swirls.

Finished Jewlrey Holder

It’s not what you look at, It’s what you see.

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